pet99 Benefits include:

  • PREMIUM R99 per month.
  • R5 000 Annual limit with NO Annual Sub limits.
  • R300 excess per Claim (a claim relates to services on one day only, i.e. per date of service).
  • Three Calendar Months Waiting Period for Illness and One Calendar Month Waiting Period for Accident.
  • Script Levy of R30 per script.
  • Join date will always be the first of a month.
  • Dog or Cat only - same premium.
  • Pet must be between the ages of eight weeks and eight years old.
  • Claims are assessed using the pet99 Tariff Rate which is based on PetSure‚Äôs internal tariff of fees and is reviewed annually.
  • Once on cover your pet is covered for life providing your premiums are kept up to date.
  • Terms & Conditions apply [refer to Policy Document and Schedule of Benefits]